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Log Homes Manufacturer in India

Log homes Manufacturer in India

Log homes in simple words are houses made out of wood. Basically, a log is the trunk of the tree devoid of its branches. To get the best wooden houses it is important to opt for a reputed company. We at Wooden Villas, India are known to create the most beautiful log homes in India. It is our relentless hard work and state of the art research and development facilities which have helped us become one of the best wooden houses manufacturers in India. We use the best quality imported kiln dried Canadian spruce and pine wood which is in compliance with European regulations. We have the expertise of building your dream wooden house in the most complex topography like beaches, hills etc.

Unique Selling proposition of the log homes that we build are:

Robust log homes The log homes that we build are strong and robust. They can withstand the most difficult climatic conditions and rough weather. Even in conditions like heavy rains, snow and extreme heat and cold, our log homes do not develop any major flaws.

Unique designs Our expert team strives hard to provide unique designs which are beautiful and exclusive.

Can be installed in most difficult terrain Our team has the expertise to install log homes in the most difficult terrains like hills and areas of high-pressure winds like beaches. So your dream wooden house can be built in the most difficult environment.

Cost effective Since our log homes can withstand difficult climatic conditions and also since they are sturdy they do not incur major maintenance cost. Therefore, they are highly cost effective.

If you have always wanted a beautiful log home in India then fix up your appointment with us. Our expert team will leave no stone unturned to design the best log home for you.


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