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Log huts in India

Wooden Houses Manufacturer in India

People prefer to go to resorts, SPA’s, meditation centres etc to break free from stress. These places, therefore, need an ambience which will provide peace and serenity. Log huts provide that perfect mood and tranquillity. If you have plans to start a commercial activity like a resort or a SPA or are planning to have a weekend home which offers the perfect ambience and peace of mind then opt for log huts manufactured by Wooden Villas India. These are beautifully designed wooden houses using the best quality material which is in compliance with European standards.

Advantages of log huts

They do not emit any toxic substances in the atmosphere hence; they do not pollute the environment.

Can withstand extreme weather conditions
Log huts can withstand heavy rains, winds, extreme temperatures and hence can be installed in places with extreme climatic conditions.

Serenity and peace
They offer calm and peaceful surroundings. Thus, they help in giving serenity and tranquillity to the mind.

Advantages of buying log huts from Wooden Villas India:

Unmatched quality
The quality of materials that we use is par excellence. We mainly use kiln dried Canadian spruce and pine wood which is in compliance with European Standards. Therefore, our log huts are strong, durable and have excellent quality.

Customised services
We understand that no two individuals or corporates will have the same requirement. We, therefore, offer customised services which help customers get the log huts as per their requirement.

Our log huts do not emit toxic materials in the atmosphere. Therefore, our log huts are environment-friendly.

Aesthetic designs
Our log huts have excellent and eye pleasing designs. Our expert team and state of the art technology and manufacturing unit designs the best log huts in India.

If you want to own a log hut in India for commercial or personal use then contact us today.


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