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For everything, you have a reason. That’s why you choose to buy the wooden cottages in India. This is something that resembles with the five fingers of your hand where every finger comes to a unique use in your life. For instance, the ring finger of your right hand is for exchanging the vows with your fiancée and so on. In short, the wooden cottages in India serve a specific purpose befitting the unique requirement of its’ buyers.

Key areas of our wooden cottages in India:

Unique design & aesthetics: You as an individual or a corporate citizen are visibly different from others in the society and in your niche market. That should reflect in your wooden cottages in India too. Because, this individuality is what that makes business sense for you as one of our corporate buyers while it makes a personality statement befitting your self-respect as an individual buyer. We have the in-house R&D (Research & Development) team for design development and aesthetics manoeuvring befitting the location, surroundings, and above all, your personal taste and preferences. That’s the catch with us.

Undisputed quality: You will be happy to know that we are the best wooden cottage manufacturer in India and import the kiln dried Canadian spruce and pine wood that conform to the European regulations. We have thus carved out a reputation as the luxury wooden cottage manufacturer from Delhi, India.

Unmatched clientele: Our clientele fairly consists of the government and private parties such as the Government of Maharashtra, J&K Bank, and Mahindra Holidays and Resorts to name a few.

Difficult terrain cottage: We have an unmatched expertise and know-how of making things happen for you in India. Even in the most difficult terrains such as the hill stations, hilly and the beach areas where the average wind pressure is high and commissioning wooden cottages is challenging, we have successfully delivered wooden cottages.

Learning by experience stays on your side. Hire us for believing in the superiority of our wooden cottages in India.


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